How to Test Perfumes

How to Test Perfumes

You spent an hour trying different perfumes at the mall, and you have a headache. You try to reject all the employees who wait around the halls trying to get you to sample the newest perfume. You do not know which to choose! Well, this article will not focus on choosing the perfume; it will focus on sampling a perfume, which is a very important step towards choosing the best perfume for you!

Walk around the mall without wearing any scent and look around for perfumes you have sampled before and likes, or perfumes that seem really popular. If you already have some preferences, make a list and bring it with you.

Approach the sales counter and ask the representative to introduce you to the perfume. Ask her about the scent and how popular it is (whether it has a strong scent or weak scent). If she asks to spray it on you, reject it. Do not spray perfumes on your skin, because your skin absorbs it and the smell stays on your skin all day, so by the end of the shopping, you will leave smelling like a bunch of mixed scents.

Ask her/him to spray the perfume on a piece of paper (sample sheets) or if they have little bottle samples or plastic samples to take home, ask them about those options. If you really want to smell the perfume right away (from the paper) then ask for coffee beans after to smell. Most representatives keep coffee beans at the counter, because they take away that smell of the perfume, and seem like they calm your head. A bunch of smells may overwhelm you and give you a headache.


Collect some samples (paper, glass, or plastic) and put them in your bag/pocket. Try to spread out the paper ones in different pockets/compartments on your purse so they don’t get all mixed up.

Ask for options. Consider what size you would like to buy, or if there is a combo. If you like 6 perfumes from the same brand (for example) ask if they come in a cheaper, larger package with small perfumes in it.

Go home. It is not necessary to buy your perfume the day you get there, and leave with a perfume. If it is an emergency ( you need one asap, like for a birthday or party gift) then, try smelling the paper for the first sample when you get there, then wait to smell one and lunch, and then after lunch, so leave some time distance in between sampling, so the smells do not get mixed.

If you have the option to go home, then smell one paper sample in the car (if you’re not driving), then when you get home, wait half an hour, try another paper sample, and put them away. Remember to write down the name of the perfume that you liked

**It is really important to write down the name, otherwise you will forget and it takes longer!

Glass and plastic. The next day, try a spray of the bottled ones or the ones in plastic baggies. Remember to record for these too.

Before buying, make conversation with the rep about why you choose this perfume and any opinions he/she has about the perfume.

**Remember to stick with YOUR opinion. If they say they don’t like it, it’s just their opinion. After all, YOU are the one who is going to wear it!


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